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The daily experience is your daily dose of inner peace and reconciliation with which you start or end your day or which you grant yourself in between.

Aleiah is a one of a kind energy reader, teacher of life and translator for the Field of Creation. She is a speaker, trainer and coach with more than 15 years of experience.

Life takes us on unprecedented roads through highs and lows. We all ask “why?” sometimes. Wouldn’t it be great to have someone guiding you on this journey and help you to find the answers? Aleiah can do that for you. She can read energy beyond limitations including your previous lifetimes, connections with other people, karma and life plan. Therefore she can make connections over time helping you to understand (your) life.

What others say about Aleiah:


Marie Diamond

“I met Aleiah in ATL Europe, an association that I founded for Transformational European Leaders. She is a highly evolved Soul that has come here to support many Souls worldwide to experience Life as Transformational Journey towards Enlightenment. I am very honored to call her a Sister of Light, a Friend and a Transformational Leader.”


Daan Roosegaarde

“We live in a time in which we are more defined by our future then our past. Aleiah is great coach to reflect with, look forward and keep you focused“

“Be amazed about what life is sharing with you, big or small. Open your eyes to see the miracles happening around you NOW!”


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